1. What access to the website do I get granted as subscriber, non member only?

You will have access to areas not restricted to members only and you will
be informed either via email or via posts about news. Full details are given on
the membership page.

2. What support or information do I get provided as non member?

Support and scientific information about laws, technologies, as well as research information is restricted to members only. That counts also for purchased videos.

3. When I subscribe to www.Vorticesdynamics.com,
2. do I have access to the sub-domains EDU and WIKI as well.

You can subscribe on the main domain or the sub-domain.  Your credentials will be populated across all sites within 24 hours. Access to all functions ,pages and posts depends on the subscription package you did choose. Please review the membership page for more details.

4. What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel within one month. Your subscription and membership ends immediately and will not recur costs. To avoid the instant membership termination after subscription payment please contact me prior.

5. What is the right subscription package for me?

It depends what you are after, The WIKI Member subscription gives you details information about scientific laws and the scientist involved, including researchers and research companies. This will be updated a couple of times per week. Everything is linked and can be searched.  A powerful repository to have it at your fingertip when needed.

The EDU Member subscription will provide with educational and training materials, books and research material. Some Training videos are only accessible for Silver members and Gold members. You have however the possibility to plan your development and focus on the subject you like.

The Bronze Member subscription does combine EDU and Wiki and some more options available only to Bronze members. It is the most cost effective subscription level. Video views are restricted to publicly available videos but consolidated by groups, making it easier to follow a subject.

The Silver Member subscription includes all previous functions of membership plus all new produced videos for research and training. If you need to be up-to-date and have access to all resources than this package is right for you.

The Gold Member subscription includes all previous functions of membership plus all new produced  special videos about radiant energy  and instructions to build, including power analytics and cost benefit ratio. It is also the place for all new developments in the Free Energy sector like the Quantum energy Generator (QEG) at the moment. This membership is for the serious researches who need instructions and support for the build.

General questions

 6. Do Tesla or Radiant Energy devices existing

Yes, but they are very expensive and not available off the shelf

7. Can I get off the energy grid today

Yes, There are many products on the market which does allow to be independent from the grid. You need only to spend between $50k- $100k to replace your 5KW power consumption from the grid. For information talk to government energy advisers.

 8. Why is there now a membership required when there was none before

Providing a quick video about the subject is not efficient and raises more questions than answers. Detailed and intensive research is time consuming and causes a very high financial burden. Open source is an illusion and does not provide anything without funding. costs are hidden in licenses, copyrights and support. Nothing is for free in our society, only nature works for free, but we are not there yet. Until we are ,I have to focus to investigate in very high detail the technologies and provide answers based on the research. This cost money mainly for all the materials and equipment. The subscription is the only viable solution to fund the expenses and return invaluable intelligence nobody else is providing. By joining you will become a part of this journey.

 9. Can I get your support to work on my project in secret with an NDA

All my work and dedication is reserved to my projects and members only. I offer no one-one collaboration and I also do not work on secret projects outside of the membership. Every information provided to my members or from my members will be shared among the members.

 10. I have a company and like to discuss the option for a Joint Venture or investment

Please use the Company Inquiries reference from the Contact Us drop down menu. Provide me with reference information about yourself and your company and the subject of discussion. I will then provide you with private contact details for further communications.