Half-Bridge Design and Configuration, Part1. New video

Admin/ June 3, 2022/ Electronics

I like to announce the availability of the lasted video in the educational series. In this video we look at all calculations for the half-Bridge IC like Bootstrap capacitor and RC snubber. I will then demonstrate the result on the circuit and the response to the component selection. I will

Troubleshooting amplifier designs part 1. New video

Admin/ May 27, 2022/ Electronics

I like to announce the availability of a new video in the educational series. While I have to wait for orders to arrive, I wanted to pick up on a pressing subject effecting everybody. The problem to get your amplifier running without failing. I have created a new menu point

Slayer Exciter for Tesla coils. New video

Admin/ November 8, 2021/ Electronics

I like to announce the availability of a new video under Electronics in courses and research. In this video I analyse the Slayer Exciter which was initiated through my research of a new project. We compare the design variation from Alexey Chekurkov to the standard Slayer exciter design. It is

Calculation, simulation experimentation

Admin/ October 19, 2020/ Electronics

I just have posted on YouTube the process I like in future to attempt for each projects. It will allow for anybody to follow up on the process without questions. This will close the gap between a concept or diagram and the final build. The link of the video is

New performance evaluation series available. The NCP 5181

Admin/ October 7, 2020/ Electronics

I have made available the second part of the performance evaluation of the H- Bridge driver NCP 5181 from ON Semiconductor. The test does compare it to the IR 2110.  Both IC’s have independent inputs and can therefore be configured in three modes. Video is available to Basic and Full

Class B Amplifier available

Admin/ April 6, 2018/ Electronics

As announced I have added a new video about the Class B amplifier. It is the successor of an already very well working driver circuit. Here, however, we finally can use a heatsink. Power consumption is lower and output resistance is lower. You find the video under Research » Courses » Electronics Design

Low power signal generator design

Admin/ March 22, 2018/ Electronics

As part of the development of our energy projects I have posted a new video of the very low power signal generator. For those interested to integrate it into their design. I have created a new page under research and courses, called Electronics Design. I will post all future electronics